Mason Melle

Mason Melle is that unassuming, quiet guy at the bar, smoke in hand, bourbon neat. Something about him piques your intrigue. Just as you’re about to finally go say “hello”, he gets up to walk to the stage – assuming no one is really watching – and steals your heart with a deep, comforting, introspective voice.

With a sound straight out of the 70’s country and rock charts, Melle’s debut EP “Mason Melle” (2019), fits right alongside Bob, Tom, Neil, and Willie. His poetic storytelling lyrics pull you into movie scenes of falling in love with a French dancer, the self fulfilling prophecy of a small town wrestler, and the struggle of living a lie you’re told is the truth.

He cut his teeth the same way many of the greats did; playing at the only bar that would book an unknown, long-haired, country-rock kid from a small town. In his case, that bar was in The Sherbrook Hotel in Winnipeg where he and his band held a weekly residency playing for seedy characters glued to VLT screens. But soon Mason was stepping into the summer festival circuit, and playing shows at the world-renowned Times Change(d) High & Lonesome Club both as an opening act and a headliner. The last time he played at that seedy dive bar where it all began, it was a sold-out ticketed show.

With an 8-song follow-up album scheduled for release in Summer 2021, Mason Melle will soon join the ranks of the impressive roster of Winnipeg artists admired around the world.

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